VATSIM CIDNameRatingLast Sector
983451B*** B*** C1LTBA_X_APP
1136566A*** S*** S2LTAC_TWR
1207432O*** G*** I1LTBB_CTR
1230936A*** D*** S*** C1LTAA_CTR
1361533C*** C*** C*** C1LTFM_S_GND
1414700K*** A*** S3LTBA_APP
1434943G*** A*** C1LTAG_APP
889549*** S2LTAF_TWR
1120988F*** M*** T*** S3LTBB_CTR
1476468Z*** G*** S2LTFM_TWR
1490654d*** i*** C1LTAA_S_CTR
1496107S*** K*** S3LTAG_APP
1498299H*** U*** S2LTBA_APP
1500431E*** B*** S2LTFJ_TWR
1502690B*** B*** S2LTFM_TWR
1505335*** S1LTFJ_TWR
1530491*** S2LTFM_TWR
1542757A*** K*** S3LTAG_APP
1543510*** S1LTAC_GND
1549609*** S2LTAG_APP
1565675*** S1LTFM_DEL
1580710*** S1LTFM_GND
1585922*** S1LTAF_GND
1593614*** S3LTAC_TWR
1598381*** S1LTFM_GND
1603494*** S1LTFM_TWR
1604262*** S1LTAI_GND
1609800*** S1LTFM_GND
1645481*** S1LTFJ_DEL
1662869*** S1LTFJ_GND
VATSIM CIDNameRatingLast Sector

List contains members of Turkish Subdivision of VATSIM and who have been active at least 10 hours in last 3 months in sectors.